An Independent Funding Company Serving Independent Funeral Homes


Step 1: Complete Forms and Submit to ABM
  • To start the assignment process, just fax or e-mail the necessary paperwork for us to verify the policy information. In most cases we request:
    • Irrevocable Assignment
    • Irrevocable Re-Assignment: and a copy of the funeral bill when available
Step 1

Step 2: ABM Funding Verifies Benefits with Insurance Company
  • Upon receipt of the required documents, ABM Funding submits the assignment documents to the insurance company and begins the verification process.

Step 2

Step 3:  ABM Funds the Funeral Home
  • Once we verify benefits with the insurance company, we then fund the funeral home.  
  • Payment methods include ACH Transfer (no charge), wire transfer, or check (no charge for regular mail).
  • Once your payment is processed, a confirmation will be sent to you with a breakdown of your payment. Included in that confirmation, there will be a list of any other documents we need to process. 
Step 3

Step 4: Funeral Home Provides Claims Documents and ABM Submits to Insurance Company
  • Once we receive all necessary documents, we send the paperwork to the insurance company for processing.

Step 4