• To start the assignment process, we ask that you fax or e-mail the necessary paperwork for us to verify the policy information. In most cases we request:
    • Irrevocable Assignment
    • Irrevocable Re-Assignment
    • A copy of the funeral bill when available
  • Upon receipt of the initial documents needed, ABM Funding will submit copies of the assignment documents to the insurance company for verification.
  • Once we verify benefits with the insurance company or employer, we then fund the funeral home.
  • Payment methods include ACH Transfer (no charge), wire transfer, or check (no charge for regular mail).
  • Once your payment is processed, a confirmation will be sent to you with a breakdown of your payment. Included in that confirmation, will be a list of any other documents we need to process.
  • Once we receive all necessary documents, we send the paperwork to the insurance company for processing. Mailed documents are tracked through USPS.

Welcome to ABM Funding, Inc.

ABM Funding, Inc., based in Martinsville, VA, works with funeral directors to provide quick cash and take the burden out of filing life insurance claims for families.

Allow us to take care of researching, verifying and filing life claims. This will free up your staff's time to do what they do best, meet the needs of the families who have trusted you with the final arrangements of a loved one. In most cases you will receive life proceeds within 24 hours of policy verification. In many cases, ABM can fund an entire policy; not just the funeral bill. Learn more...

If you would like more information please contact us.